Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Oscars... Minus the Pesky Awards Part

This year I found the whole Oscar thing even more overrated than usual. I knew it would be bad when my pop-culture guru friend told me she would not be watching. If the ratings are especially bad this year she alone is probably half the reason! Most of the time I have not even seen most of the movies nominated. It is not that I dislike going out to the movies, it just seems pricey for a tame night out. It costs ten dollars to sit in a dark room and not interact with anyone? It is hard to justify in my budget.

Despite all this I still am a girlie girl and enjoy looking at pretty dresses. And let’s not forget all the handsome men in tuxes. What is it about formal wear? It makes guys look so darn cute. Since the Oscars are a wonderful venue for observing both pretty dresses and handsome men I make it a priority to watch… the arrivals. What can I say; I have work to do on Sunday nights!

Here are some of the Oscar night looks, from my most hated to most adored:
This is just all wrong. Kirsten Dunst’s dress looks like something an old lady would wear. Is her stylist’s name Ethel? She would have been better off stealing some of those regal gowns from the set of Marie Antoinette. At least she could have passed it off as a nod to the movie winning for costume design.
I normally love Gwyneth’s style but this is just heinous. First, the color is not very flattering and on the verge of plain ugly. Then to top it off the dress is poorly fitted.
I usually like presents. However, Anne Hathaway’s dress is certainly not a gift I would like to receive. She has very pretty porcelain skin but the white dress just blends right in. That leaves the giant black bow just sitting there, looking out of place.
I loved the top half of Maggie Gyllenhaal’s gown, that neckline is just beautiful. I also liked that she kept it simple and let the asymmetric lines of the dress do the talking. But what was on the bottom half? Faux fur? A dead beaver? It confused me.
Jodie Foster looked amazing! Can you believe she is 44 years old? I loved the soft lines of her dress. I want to wear this to my next gala, seriously.Yea for picking a color other than black or blue! I like a girl who is not afraid of pink, especially bold fuchsia. Plus, she is an expert at knowing how to flatter her curves. That is exactly why every guy I know is obsessed with Jessica Biel.Reese’s thoughts: “Ryan, eat your heart out. I bet you are kicking yourself now jerk.”Emily Blunt’s shimmering sapphire dress was one of my favorites of the night. I liked it because it was sleek and clean. I am sure being super skinny helps pull it off. This dress looks like it would show any flaw. I only wish she had paired it with a pendent necklace or choker so her neck did not look so bare.
And last, but certainly not least, Abigail Breslin looked too cute for words! Aww.

I suppose the Oscars were not a total waste. My favorite (The Departed) did win Best Picture...


suburban prep said...

Reese was the best.
What was that thing Kicole Kidman had on. It looked like it was going to eat her up. I think she has to stay away from the botox (or whatever she is doing to herself). I agree with you regarding Kirsten Dunst. She can look pretty but the dress looked like she raided her grandmother's closet.

kappadelhill said...

For starters, I loathed Kirsten Dunst's dress. There was nothing redeeming about it. One of the worst of the night in my opinion. I wholeheartedly agree with you on Jessica Biel, Jodie Foster as two of the best, and I would also put Kate Winslet up there with them. However, I disagree with your opinion of Gwyneth Paltrow's dress. I adored that dress and thought it was so flattering on her. Especially from the back. The cap sleeves hugged her shoulders so well and it was just very elegant and classy. I liked how the shirring of the fabric was covering, yet still showed some skin. It was definitly my favorite gown of the night.

Blonde Belle said...

SP- Haha, I can see the headline now... Aussie Star Swallowed by Gown!

Kappa- We will have to agree to disagree on Gwyneth. :) I like Kate Winslet's live but not so much in the photos.

sitafal said...

oh,I loved loved loved that Posen dress on Paltrow. Jodie Foster looked a bit manly with that dress...the straps emphasized her muscular arms way too much...strapless would have been better.

Blonde Belle said...

Don't mess with Jodie Foster right? She's got tickets to the gun show.

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