Thursday, February 15, 2007

At Least There is Food!

All this trudging through piles of snow has temporarily erased fashion from my mind. I suppose I am just more concerned with not falling down and breaking a leg, arm or nose. (I saw a poor guy slip down the tall stairs in the Engineering Quad yesterday; it broke my heart.) I am sure I will come to my senses in a few days. In the meantime I have been dining out a lot recently. Here are a few of the Ithaca eateries I have visited in the past week:

This restaurant on the Commons would probably best described as quirky or eclectic. There is funky décor and very relaxed atmosphere. I have been there many times and have yet to have a bad dish. Also true to Ithacan form, there are plenty of vegetarian options.
Try: The hummus (you need this appetizer!), Roasted Red Portobello Salad, Parmesan Sage Crusted Chicken Sandwich, or Falafel Sandwich.

Collegetown Bagels is a staple around here. As much as I love their food, CTB drives me crazy! I just dislike the chaos and inefficiency. Lose my sandwich once, shame on you. Lose my sandwich twice, shame on me. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get that lesson through my head and keep going back. To CTB’s credit, on this last trip nothing was lost and I was not elbowed/bumped into too many times while waiting for my food.
Try: The Milestone (chicken with a plum sauce), the Flatrock (can you say no to goat cheese?), or the Michigan Hollow. Then there are all the baked goods… mmm.

I love going to Aladdin’s with my friends. They have delicious Arabic, Greek, and other assorted types of ethnic food. Plus they have great house wines that you can drink without breaking the bank. Good food and good wine makes a great girls night in my book. Who else can appreciate your sarcastic sense of humor? Anyway, it is a nice C-Town place.
Try: The Tourlou (great for these cold nights), Spanakopita, Shishkebab Pita (their spelling, not mine!), or Falafel Pita.

I think my boyfriend summed it up best when he said that this restaurant is “like every other one you have been too.” Basically, if it turned out to be a chain restaurant you would not be surprised. (That could be good or bad depending on your opinion.) Remember to bring your patience with you when you come. They do not take reservations, instead there is only a call ahead system. We still waited forty-five minutes despite calling when they opened for the day. The meal itself was pretty good and our waitress was adorable. I probably would not go back until the outdoor patio is open.
Try: The Blue Crab Stuffed Shrimp (very rich) or the Chocolate Cake for Two (really, do not try this on your own).

This place has the best breakfast! Not diner-style food, but real, nice brunch dishes like stuffed French toast. The whole setup is just too cute. The food is usually great here. However, this last time the coffee was inexplicably horrible. Think: drinking tar. And the garlic potatoes were freezing. (We usually love them but they are not so great cold.) I hope it was a blip and next time it is back to being wonderful. They also have dinner at the Carriage House but I have not experienced it yet.
Try: The Pecan Pancakes, Multigrain Waffle, or Garlic Home Fries (they were only bad once!).

I will not be going anywhere until I finally dig my car out of the giant pile of snow that has buried it. I hope everyone else is having fun playing in the snow!