Monday, January 08, 2007

Fashion Faceoff: BCS Edition!

Since the Ivy League is not exactly a hot spot for football, we often have to rely on big state schools to fill the void. (And some small or private ones too like Wake Forest or USC.) Tonight Ohio State and Florida will tango for the national championship. Who will win? Only time will tell. But this is just the time and place for a battle for fashion supremacy!

Up first is Ohio State:

~Mascot: Brutus Buckeye. Apparently a kind of nut. Right.
...Weird but original, safety (2)!

~Uniforms: Scarlet and grey. And they put stickers with the buckeye leaf on their helmet. Too bad it looks like a certain drug plant. Smith is their star quarterback; here he sports the uniform and some sweet shades.
...Standard fare, field goal (3)!

~The Ladies (and the Cheer Guys): Nothing different than your average cheerleading uniform. Ponytail with bow? Check!
...Classic and good for the cold weather the Big Ten endure, touchdown (7)!

And going south to Florida:

~Mascot: Albert E. Gator. I am not sure what the E stands for but it reminds me of Robert E. Lee. (The South shall rise again?)
...Not as annoying as that gator arm motion, field goal!

~Uniforms: Orange and blue, opposites attract I suppose. Is orange for oranges in Florida? Anyone?
...I like that you take color risks, touchdown but extra point not good (6)!

~The Ladies: The Gators like to show a little more skin than those OSU girls. No sleeves for these Floridians!
...Their cheerleaders are cute enough to pull it off, touchdown!

So in my Bowl Game I have OSU with 12 and Florida with 16. (There is no way this will be the actual score!) Good job Florida! Have fun laying out and drinking pina coladas the rest of the semester!

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