Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Defining Your Icy Existence

When waking up with a horrible cold and snow piled high outside your apartment, my first instinct is always to roll over and hibernate the rest of winter. Fortunately, I usually have a little treat from Daily Candy to make my morning better. (This is especially true now since I cannot taste real candy. Boo.) Today they had the cutest feature on winter words. (They create slang words/terms and define them.) Here are some that I plan on using… or at least thinking them, since my cold has compromised my ability to speak!

freezie freakies
n. Those prone to wearing full-on Siberian outfits, lumber jackets, fur hats, or snowshoes when the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

(Hello to any southern on campus. Although I do not think I have yet to see snowshoes.)

wishful drinking
v. To drink excessively on a Tuesday night based on the desire for work to be called off due to snow.

(Give it up, you know that schools almost never give days off. It would take about two feet plus ice up here. In warmer parts of the country this term applies since y'all get days off when there is ice on the road. Wusses.)

mitten kitten
n. The evil fairy who steals one mitten or glove from your coat pocket every winter.

(Where is my black glove? And my lavender leather one? This must be the explanation.)


n. Old, tattered, or unfashionable clothing worn simply because it’s too cold to care.

(Oh yes, people in sweatpants this one is for you!)

snow flake
n. A person who cancels plans at the slightest mention of precipitation.

(I am very guilty of this one. In my defense, sometimes the snow is a good excuse not to go to a crappy restaurant.)

Oh winter. While I gorge myself on Vitamin C Drops I hope the rest of you wishfully drink the vision of those freezie freakies and resortwear addicts away.

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