Saturday, January 06, 2007

Eye on Metallics

I love metal-inspired eyeshadows and apparently Vogue agrees with me. Here is the look during the spring Chanel collection.

Instead of using one metallic color they used two: silver on the lid and gold under the eye. While it concept seems a bit bizarre it actually looks great. Just don't freak out when you first put it on. Remember most people are not looking at you a foot from your face. (Unless you are a face model I guess.)

If you want to tone it down just use either silver or gold shadow. Some brands like Cargo, Nars, and Stila make really beautiful metallic eye shadows. I would suggest using Cargo's Reverse Liner to brighten the inner rims too. It perks up the look. And of course, lots of black mascara!

This fun Tahari jacket completes the look. (This blazer works too.) Shine on! :)


cathy said...

just wanted to say. very cool blog.

and i definitely agree with you on the whole metallic look.

Blonde Belle said...

Thank you! :)