Thursday, January 18, 2007


As a preteen I took quizzes all the time, even though the questions were so obvious. You know this type quiz!

For example: Is Your Crush Into You? (So with breathless anticipation, you flip to the page to determine if that boy in your algebra class is your soul mate. Then you find questions and answers like this…)
Q: You walk by you crush, does he…
1) Ask you if you finished last night’s homework (1 pt).
2) Compliment your new tank top (2 pts).
3) Ignore you; he is the strong silent type (0 pts).

Anyway, I fell back into the quiz-taking trap. What can I say; I had a moment of weakness. The quiz promised to tell me what celebrity I dressed the most like. (You can take the same quiz here .) While taking the quiz I was shaking in my boots. If my style turned out to be like Tara Reid or someone I would have taken advantage of my Ithacan setting and jumped into a gorge. Luckily, my celebrity style was most like Reese Witherspoon! So wonderful!

According to the quiz, my “wardrobe consists primarily of girl-next-door styles such as sweet dresses, frilly blouses and pretty accessories.” Sounds about right. The quiz even managed to pinpoint my love of Nanette Lapore. Nice work quiz writer.

If all quizzes were this accurate I would not have dumped my preteen quizzed-taking habit. As if I needed any more ways to waste time…

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