Monday, January 15, 2007

Golden Ladies

I have to admit that instead of actually watching the Golden Globe, I sat through a long episode of 24. Yeah, another two hours, ugg. Anyway, I do not regret my decision because the only part of the award shows I enjoy is the fashion.

Vanessa Williams went all out for the Golden Globes. Big hair, big cleavage, and even a mink for the freezing Cali weather. I feel bad for the animal that died for her coat. Just think it could have been roaming around the forest, enjoying life instead of making a former Miss America/singer/actress look even worse. More is not always better people!

I just loved Julia Louis Dreyfus’s frock. The mustard color stands out from the sea of black. The metallic decoration and the detail of the bust are so flattering. Nice choice!

Jessica Biel’s dress was a tad blah for me. It just looked like a large block of silver. There needed to be some differentiation in the dress… like a second color around the waist or maybe some seaming details. The choice of earrings reminds me of large disco balls. It is 2007 not 1975 Jessica.

I did not look up who this is but according to my boyfriend she is “the hot chick from Rescue Me.” (He is always so accurate.) I love the plunging neckline. It works so well on smaller chested women. I would look like a stripper in this. So unfair. The whole look is simple yet elegant.

And of course, Eva Longoria, another elegant choice at the Golden Globes. The rich navy fabric sets off her skin and dark hair. The scoop detail and matching earrings are all the dress needs to shine. I am glad she decided to skip a necklace; it would have been a distraction.

Overall I thought the stylists did a wonderful job on the stars outfits. Clean and simple is always the way to go!

Oh and Entourage was robbed! It is so much better than Ugly Betty. Hands down!


kappadelhill said...

That's Ali Larter. I'm surprised you don't know that. I would have thought you had Legally Blonde and it's cast memorized! :) She's the defendant.
And it is a gorgeous dress!

Blonde Belle said...

Ah! I knew she looked familiar. She looks even cuter now than Legally Blonde.

Speaking of, Reese looked SO thin. Almost too skinny.

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