Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Car & Fashionable Driver

This week the North American International Auto Show is taking place in the good old Motor City. So the automakers are rolling out new and improved (or sometimes ugly) models. It is actually a pretty interesting event to attend, especially the charity preview. You never know what you might see.

I like this sleek Maserati Quattroporte. (My Italian is not wonderful but I believe that translates to "four doors." Creative.) Apparently the only thing they changed was the transmission. But hey, that is still an improvement! I did decide that based on this picture I could be a model at the Auto Show. Except I would demand a better dress!

Then there is the Kia Kue. It looks like one of those sports cars from the 1980s with those doors. It must be for the legging-loving girls and collar-popping guys who want to relive the decade. As for me, I prefer the modern era!

This is a Volvo concept car that will be out in 2009. Ohh, I can envision the lacrosse Moms of the future right now!

And for my personal pick, the new Dodge Viper. I love the sporty design and prominent hubs/wheels. The only problem would be the numerous tickets I would get!

Gotta love driving in style!

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