Monday, January 08, 2007

A Frame of Mind

Life is all about turning negatives into positives. Case in point, I am pretty much blind. But instead of wallowing in my lack of sight, I get to experiment with fun glasses! And I get better than 20/20 vision to boot! Right now I usually am rocking eggplant-colored frames from Kate Spade but I am looking to expand my collection while I am still on the parents' health care. (This is more valuable than you realize!) It is amazing how many designer frames there are now. When I was just a kid, the pickings were slim... Other than the frames I had in fourth grade that were pink with rhinestone butterflies on the outside corners. Talk about the envy of my other bland uniform-wearing classmates. Anyway, I digress!

Some of my favorite frames have multi-colored layers. These Missoni frames are a sober brown on the outside with a pretty sky blue on the inside. Although you may not immediately notice the inner color, I bet it would really make blue eyes sparkle.

And for the status conscious, this Chanel pair is perfect. They may even match the pair of shades you already wear regardless of weather. However, be warned, if you constantly show off these glasses people will roll their eyes behind your back. No one wants to hear about how fabulous your Chanel glasses are for the fifth time. Let the glasses do the talking.

If you like the idea of literally wearing rose-colored glasses, these Prada frames may be just the pair for you. Although I would not try these if you have red hair, too much of a good thing!

Do not dispare if you already have good vision. (Ohh, poor you, you can see things when you wake up.) You can also buy these frames with plain glass lens.

Just remember, guys DO make passes on girls who wear glasses.


Nisha said...

Interesting. I am blind too, and wore glasses for a few years, but I hated them. As soon as i could, I swicthed over to contacts and haven't gone back. But good for you if you look good with glasses!

Blonde Belle said...

I wear contacts on most days. I used to never wear glasses because I got so sick of wearing them every day. Now I like to mix it up.

My head is a box, filled with nothing said...

"Just remember, guys DO make passes on girls who wear glasses."

Amen to that sister.