Thursday, January 18, 2007

Spring Forward

The beginning of a new semester brings the promise of a fresh start. Whether your goal is a 4.0 or to go out every Tuesday night, go all in! But there are a few pitfalls you should avoid and ideas to try this spring if you want to stay tasteful and happy.

1. Leave your bedding at home! While Mary-Kate Olsen may think wearing this plaid blanket is a unique fashion choice, you should not follow her lead. There is a reason for the term “bedding” it is meant to dress up beds, not people. One exception: toga party.

2. Take care of yourself! I know it may be tempting to sit around watching old SATC episodes and snacking on pints of Ben & Jerry’s. Sitting around will only depress you more and will often put a strain on those cute clothes of yours. Just think of Vince Vaughn whenever you want to skip the gym. Do you want to end up like that?

3. Do not pick Paris Hilton as your role model. You do not need a fake tan, fake hair, and all that stuff. Just be you, people appreciate real personalities, not celebrity clones.

4. Recover from a breakup gracefully. Your 20s can be a crazy time for relationships. Even those perfect couples hit the rocks sometimes. Instead of becoming a crazy party girl (a la Britney) or an emotional mess, throw yourself into something new. I know it is not new advice but who knows, you may be a wonderful golfer and never know until you try!

5. Do something good. This can be a simple as donating those clothes you have not worn in ages or working at soup kitchen once a month. Or go all out and organize a huge charity ball, fashion show, or other event. It may be more work but you get to buy a fun outfit for the event! In any case, giving back will not only make you feel like you made a difference, it will expand your horizon.

Good luck everyone! Have a wonderful spring semester!

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