Thursday, January 25, 2007

Haute to Everyday

Having a couture outfit is a luxury most of us, especially college kids, just cannot splurge on. Plus is it really practical to wear an item that expensive and special to a lecture, grimy bar, or even grimier party? Until the day when we have a special couture piece, we can still take away some key elements from the spring shows.


The Chanel Couture collection was filled with shades of black, white, and red. There was a big emphasis on an hourglass shape. Wide belt and fitted styles were used to show case the waist. In addition, black tights were everywhere.

Takeaways for the real world: Don’t put away those popular wide belts and tights just yet. Look for fitted styles that skim and show off your shape. Keep any eye out for simple black and white pieces like this Pink Tartan dress.

Christian Lacroix

The Christian Lacroix collection was the complete opposite of Chanel’s. Instead of simple and elegant, the collection was composed of loud and exaggerated fashions. Bold prints, ruffles, bright colors, and floral details were all mashed into outfits. The outfits seemed to create unique shapes and personalities for themselves.

Real world takeaways: If you have a strong enough personality to carry colors and patterns like this, go for it. However, I would pick one of the ideas to use in an outfit instead of all of them. Pairing a bright, printed top with jeans is a good way to pull it off. This Tocca top features a simpler circle print with colorful teal, red, and amethyst details. Another variation is to use a patterned tote or vivid shoes with a streamlined outfit.


The Valentino Couture Collection can be summed up with one word: white. Literally, almost every look was purely white. (There was one dress of a pale yellow hue and one with a floral print.) That made the looks different was the use of various textures, fabrics, and shapes. The key was an uncomplicated yet feminine look.

In the real world: Do not shy away from white. Yes, it can get dirty easily but so can most colors. I know people also avoid white because it supposedly makes them look fat. Remember if the garment is fitted correctly it will be flattering. A fitted white dress like this Rachel Roy one is a wonderful way to start your foray into the world of white.

And just think of all the other Couture Collections out there...


Michele said...

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Anonymous said...

The spring shows happened months ago, hun. But it's cute that you think you're supposed to wear this stuff right away.

Anonymous said...

The normal shows happened months ago. The spring couture shows were in Paris last week.