Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Coat of Many Colors

Walking around campus can be quite depressing at times. As far as the eye can see are black down coats. While some are trimmed with fur (faux or real) and the exact style may marginally change, the overall effect is one big blah. Today I perked up when I saw a girl sporting a rose and white plaid pea coat in front of the Hotel School. (Of course!) Here is more proof that there are better options that the obligatory poufy Northface:

Why look like a round ball of down when you can look sultry. I love the idea of a red coat like this one . I have a feeling the color would be more versatile than you think. Plus you never know who will notice you when you stand out in a crowd. Wink, wink.

If you want to replicate the fashionable girl I spied, this plaid McGinn coat is a good start. Unlike too many winter coats, this one will actually give you some shape thanks to the wide belt. I also like that you can flip the furry collar up to protect against the wind, snow, and other nasty elements. Be forwarded, your roommate may try to steal this coat from you. No borrowing allowed!

And if you absolutely cannot stand the thought of not having a down coat, pick one in a unique shade. How about silver like this one. It even has ruffles, got to love that. This would also make a great ski jacket. You would look like a silver bullet… unless you fell and then you would just look like a klutz. But a cute klutz nonetheless!

Say goodbye to that boring black excuse for a coat. Nothing beats the winter blues like a little color.

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