Thursday, January 25, 2007

Haute to Everyday: My Favorite

Although I find many runway collections interesting, Elie Saab won my heart for the best Couture Collection this spring. I suppose I am not a lone wolf, it seems every well-dressed star parades around in his gowns. This collection was amazingly beautiful.

From the rich fabrics to the diaphanous hues, the details were elegant and flattering. A close look at one of the dresses reveals the details of the bead work, draping of the bow, and pleating on the bottom half.

There also some bolder looks like this black and striped gown. I like the asymmetrical top in particular… always more interesting in my opinion. Plus who wouldn’t look tall with those long, thin vertical stripes?

And if someone does not pick this glamorous number for a red carpet event, they are clearly blind. Although as a blonde, I would personally look for a different tone.

Think of Elie Saab as your guardian angel for that next formal event you have… spring formal, swanky benefit, whatever. This cream Laundry gown evokes the same feel. While it is obviously not the same standard, it still has some of the details and pale color.

This Moschino Cheap & Chic dress is another option. The fabric is actually striped silk of cream, white, and grey. Plus the sweet bow and draped neckline adds to the overall effect.

Saving the best for last, I just love, love, love this gown. It captures the spirit of Elie Saab with the tiny pleat details on the bust and waist. Plus the iridescent grey shade is reminiscent of those featured in the collection.

While there are always alternatives, Elie can dress me any day!


Anonymous said...

It's Elie Saab, not Sabb.

Blonde Belle said...

Good call, this is why writing in Word is dangerous. ;)

Christina said...

I just found your blog today and I am completely hooked. I love the styles and design:)

Blonde Belle said...

Thanks Christina!