Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Flat But Not Dull

I wear flats for many reasons. They are cuter than tennis shoes but still comfortable. They easily transition from casual to dressy. But mostly, I love to wear flats because I am tall. When I put on even three-inch heels I will be crossing into six feet tall. While feeling like giant may be fun at times, it gets awkward having everyone but the basketball team looking up at you.

This pair of Circa flats are just plain adorable. I love polka dots; these pull them off perfectly. Circa shoes are generally good quality and wear well. I also like that it has a small heel for extra support. Sometimes I feel with absolutely heelless shoes it can be tough to walk long distances.

Bright colors for shoes are so fun! These Marc by Marc Jacobs beauties caught my eye. Pairing them with a skirt seems ideal. (Show 'em off!) I would leave these until the snow and slush of winter passes, unless you are luck enough to live in the balmy south.

Pointy-toed pairs can help to dress up an outfit. I have a few ensembles that would be completed by these Jessica Bennett mary janes. While the black is the most versatile, they also come in grey, chocolate, and tan. These shoes would be just as at home at that trendy new bar as at the not-so-exciting office.

And for the preppy set: some cheery yellow, moccasin-inspired skimmers. You may even already have a matching Lacoste polo to wear with these Kate Spade shoes. These are sure to help you win your next croquet game... or at least let you lose stylishly.

I guess Tom Friedman was right, the world really is flat.


Nisha said...

Love it! I love flats because they're chic, comfy, and really good for walking around campus. I have a huge collection of them!

Dana B. Edwards said...

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