Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hooray for Last Call!

Hearing the words “Last Call!” strikes fear into many a college student. This time, do not panic, your night is not in danger of ending. Instead the term may lead you to a slew of sale items at NM. Although even a Last Call sale may put fear into the heart of guys still. Don’t worry guys you don’t have to go shopping... you can sit around and watch the NFL playoffs for HOURS instead. For those who like to shop, there are some great deals:

Although it has been warmer than usual, unfortunately it is still winter. While it may be easy to slip into Northface fleece and hooded sweatshirt mode, this coat is an infinitely better choice. The Nanette Lepore trench ensures that you still have a figure even in the bitter cold. The frog closures are a special detail as well.

Being in college can be hard, however, this Collegiate Satchel may at least lighten your load. I am not always a Michael Kors fan but I like the tobacco leather and gold studs. It sort of makes me want throw a rodeo theme party with a mechanical bull. Maybe the purse is a better idea.

And I am so excited about this perfect slip dress for only fifty-six dollars. I have a navy J. Crew cardi that would be a nice cover-up until spring arrives!

Living in the dorms or rundown rental houses can be very crappy. Sometimes the best you can do is to decorate over the bad bones of your living arrangement. I think this bedding set would perk up the ugliest of rooms. I would personally pick the pink striped bedding. I am just a pink girl.

And for the Florida fans, a sporty orange and blue tie to celebrate their big win. Hey, it's a whole lot better than what football fans usually wear... i.e. weird facepaint and costumes.

So watch out, Last Call has begun!

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