Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Save the Style Section!

This is a few days old but it still haunts me. On Sunday morning, I woke up and went downstairs for some quality newspaper reading. Then the NYT shook me out of my blissful morning routine with an article entitled "The Graying of Naughty."

The Style Section has come to this? What about old people and porn is stylish? And the descriptions are not even sexy:

“I love sex,” she explained, biting into a Burger King special before embarking on her scene for the day at a rented house in the San Fernando Valley. She was wearing a bright pink satin and black chiffon nightie with a matching thong and heavy makeup.

Ohhh, heavy makeup and fast food, that is so hot. It is like that burger commercial with Paris Hilton... expect aged. So New York Times, the next time you try to convince me that porn is worth my reading at least put it somewhere other than the Style Section.

I know there are a lot of scandalous girls out there, but acting like that is not classy or stylish. Porn is not fashionable. Case closed!

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Anonymous said...

that is SO gross!