Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Chocolate Delights

Given the rapidly approaching end of the long winter break, it was once again time for me to trek to the frozen north. The drive is always the same: full of endless highway, countless bad/reckless/slow drivers, and weird country radio stations. Sometimes I busy myself with thinking about the towns I am driving though. I look at cities like Scranton and wonder who would live there. Or how Cockeysville (in Maryland) got its name. Today during my random stream of consciousness I started to think about the town of Hershey in Pennsylvania. (Yes, it is named after the candy company. There is even a candy-themed amusement park. It is bizarre.) Being the single-minded girl that I am, my thoughts quickly turned not to chocolate for eating but the rich chocolate shades to wear.

I always like an easy dress. People always seem impressed when I throw on a dress to go out. It is a win-win situation since dresses both look stylish and are comfortable. This DVF wrap dress is great because of its versatility. Nice date with a certain someone? Check. Martinis with the girls? Check... unless you have a few too many and decide to walk around barefoot. Good for almost everything? Check plus!

If these BCBGirls pumps were a type of candy they would be chocolate with caramel. Yum. But this embellished pair is even better since A) it will not make you fat and B) they are practically guaranteed to get compliments. Unless your friends are evil and mean, but your friends aren’t like that right?

Since the weather has decided to turn wicked this week, buying a coat may be a good investment. (Or you could find a driver to take you everywhere you go!) Wool is a terrific option if you are somewhere cold. The collar of this chocolate coat will protect you from the wind and snow. Talk about style and function!

And if the cold weather is really depressing you, focus on the future! Think spring break and/or summer! A brown color will help to flatter your newly acquired tan… or perhaps a burn. Remember the SPF with this lovely La Perla bikini. Your skin will thank you later in life. Plus you do not want to be the miserable one that has to stay inside the rest of vacation.

Who needs plain old chocolate when there are so many other tasty alternatives out there?

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