Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Always a Bridesmaid

Anyone who has ventured into a wedding boutique can tell you how simply amazing it is. (No, David’s Bridal does not count.) This girly response has more to do with the desire for a beautiful new dress and a lot less to do with the actual impulse to get hitched. It turns out the thieves like these wedding dresses as much as I do.

According to Reuters, the border patrol caught thieves who were trying to smuggle over a thousand wedding dresses into Mexico. At least I have never had the urge to break the law over a gown. (Surprisingly.) The sad thing is that the dresses were meant to be sold at a charity event benefiting breast cancer. I bet those thieves feel even worse now.

Lesson learned, buy your wedding dress fair and square or you will be wearing a very unflattering orange jumpsuit on your big day.