Friday, April 13, 2007

Juicy Feet

During one of my classes this week I was very distracted by my friend's lime green pumps. (Yes, my friends are those girls who wear heels to class.) They were so stinking cute! I love bright, juicy citrus colors. I have an adorable yellow Marc Jacobs top that is patiently waiting for the frozen tundra to warm up a bit. (Global warming has yet to help Ithaca in any way, today it was snowing. Arg!) Anyway, on to the shoes... (Note, "shoes" must be said like Kelly.)

First up, lovely green Sam Edelman flats. These green snakeskin beauties will brighten up even the most drab outfit.

These lemon yellow wedges just scream spring to me. I would love them with a flirty printed skirt and a cute straw purse.

Everyone loves a tropical vacation and these Pucci shoes are like wearing a tropical party on your feet. I am pretty sure these are the ideal Happy Hour shoes. Here is my reasoning: 1. You want to look festive when sipping half-price 'ritas. 2. The wedge heel means you are less likely to fall and embarrass yourself after one too many. 3. Any spills will blend into the pattern.

And to satisfy your orange craving, some wood platform sandals. These Theory wedges are nice and tall so you can tower over boys. (Evil laugh.)

Whether it is lime, orange, grapefruit, or lemon, treat your feet to some citrus this spring...