Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Rundown

A friend once told me that all beauty was relative. I thought it was a tad abstract at the time and chalked it up to one too many Dixie Cups of frat punch. Now the statement finally rings true.

The average girl at Cornell does not get dressed up for class and is not what I would classify as high maintenance. (Yes, I know there are exceptions.) Most of the time I find that I feel overdressed on campus. Well I got a firm reminder of how my habits have changed since coming to this small town. Recently I enjoyed a lovely little trip down to the South. It was warm, sunny, and generally made me wonder why I had left this for the cold of New York. As I was having a yummy dinner on an outside patio I noticed the girl at the table next to me. She had on cute True Religion jeans, strappy gold sandals, a floaty chiffon shirt, and a tiny Gucci clutch. Of course, she had a perfect mani/pedi and had obviously spent some time making her hair flawless. My ego plummeted. I had thought my wrap dress was cute but now everything else about my appearance seemed awful. Before dinner I had changed out of heels into J. Crew flip-flops. They seemed excessively casual now. And my poor nails were in an unmanicured state; something I had been thinking about fixing lately but had not had the time. My simple black Prada bag was too boring. My hair was flat compared to her slightly curled ends.

But then I reminded myself that this girl probably was not in the midst of completing papers, exams, and presentations. I had a valid excuse. And hey, I still had a great dress. This Southern girl had nothing on my Northernized self.

Maybe beauty is relative. If so, I am ready for the challenge…


Anonymous said...

I don't understand. So some girl looked nicer than you. Big deal! Why don't you have confidence in your appearance? You said you looked nice, so who cares? Style doesn't mean you have to look better than other girls. It means you're comfortable in who you are and how you present yourself to people. Fashion isn't about one-upping people. You've completely missed the point on what having style is.

Anonymous said...

i can relate... hate the feeling when you thought your outfit was cute until you see someone who had the time to put much more effort

Jocelyn said...

Hi BB -
I enjoyed this post, made me think back to when this has happend to me. I'm from a small-ish town, so it definitely rang true when I moved to a big city! :-)

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